SPE ePoster Author Information

What is a Knowledge Sharing ePoster?

A knowledge Sharing ePoster is a short PowerPoint presentation presented to an audience via a computer and flat screen. Usually positioned in a high-traffic area during coffee and networking breaks.

As an ePoster Author you will be assigned a specific time to present your presentation and interface with the attendees. Outside of the scheduled ePoster presentation time slots, your ePoster will be on display throughout the conference.

You will be provided with the schedule as you get closer to the date of the conference.

Preparation Information

To help you prepare your presentation, the Author Kit provides you with the following:

  • PPT presentation template
  • Guidelines to help you prepare your presentation slides

You will have 12 minutes for your presentation and any Q&A (8‐9 minutes presentation time & 3-4 minutes Q&A). Per the guidelines provided, please be sure to include the following information in the header or footer on each slide:

  1. Paper number
  2. Short paper title
  3. Presenter’s name
  4. Slide number (ex: slide 1 of 10)

NO company names or logos

PowerPoint Review and Submission

You will need to submit your PowerPoint presentation to your session chairperson for review prior to the conference. You will be provided with a timeline for the presentation submission & review process.

Final copies need to be submitted to SPE by the stated due date so that they can be preloaded on the presentation stations. We ask that you bring the final version of the presentation with you to the conference on a USB drive, as a backup copy.


When you arrive at the venue, please report to Speaker Check-In to confirm your participation at your scheduled time. We ask that you be prepared to fill in during a technical session should there be a no-show or late withdraw.

You will need to be at the ePoster station 15 minutes before the ePoster session starts. This gives you time to check your presentation and meet your session chairperson.